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Posted 2/10/2017

So, after a very long and restful (!) summer break we are well into the Autumn term.

I love coming back to preschool after the summer break and, quite frankly, Autumn is my favourite time of year. The weather is turning and the leaves are falling. For us at Pinchmill Preschool, the leaves falling can mean quite a lot of extra work.

When I first joined the team at Pinchmill and the leaves started to fall, I felt increasingly annoyed that our lovely garden was being spoilt by the vast amount of leaves which seemed to drop endlessly all over the garden, getting into every nook and cranny in every single area. I spent the majority of time outdoors with a brush in my hand trying to manage the 'mess'. I soon realised that this was not something I could keep up!

We do use this as an opportunity to get the children involved. We have small sweeping brushes outside and we bring the garden waste bin out with some steps for the children to access the bin independently. We have wheelbarrows and dustpans for the children to transport the leaves in too. If the children are interested, we encourage them to help us sweep the leaves and put them in the bin. This helps them to develop a sense of pride as they take care of their environment, because of course, everything in the preschool is the children's. It does not belong to the adults and therefore the children enjoy taking responsibility for their preschool.

With such a wonderful outdoor environment and very, very, tiny budgets, it is wonderful to see the children wallow in what we have to offer; and for now (at least until all of the leaves fall), Autumn is most defiantly my favourite time of year.

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